The F2000's default configuration without any attachments.

The Fabrique Nationale Fusil 2000, or F2000 for short, is a bullpup Assault Rifle in Pimp My Gun. It has 2 pre-set configuations to choose from.

The F2000's first configuration is the F2000 Tactical. The Tactical variant features a top rail for mounting custom optics, a 15.7" barrel and a STANAG 30-round magazine. Due to the fact that the F2000 is a bullpup weapon, it cannot fit stocks.

The second pre-set configuration for the F2000 features a unique scope, but otherwise is exactly the same as the Tactical configuration.


The F2000 mostly uses parts unique to itself. It has a GL1 Grenade Launcher can be fitted by removing the handguard and a flashlight that is supposed to be fitted inside the handguard. The F2000 in either of its default configurations can only use 30-round STANAG magazines.