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The ACR's first configuration without any attachments.

The Bushmaster Adaptive Combat Rifle or ACR for short, is a weapon in Pimp My Gun. It has several pre-set configurations to choose from.

The first configuration features an adjustable folding stock, an underbarrel rail system and a 10.5" barrel.

The second configuration features an elongated handguard, a different stock and a 20" barrel.


The ACR is one of the few rifles that can actually change its' caliber by changing the reciever from the "STANAG Reciever" to the "AK reciever". When in the AK configuration, it is able to be (correctly) used with an AK-47's magazine. Besides this, it features two different folding stocks, three handguards, three different length barrels, one gas block and gas piston, a barrel securing ring and a bolt.